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250ml Glass Crystal Skull Decanter

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Price:$49.99 Sale Price $18.49

Condition: New
Shipping: Basic $4.99

When you pour a drink, the container it’s in matters. Instead or something from a bottle or keg, when you pour a drink from a decanter made of crystallized glass, you feel sophisticated, stylish, and refined. Not just for the Halloween season, this beautifully detailed and slightly dark 250ml Crystal Skull Glass Decanter is perfect for anyone with elegant taste and an enjoyment of the macabre.

This unique decanter has been constructed in painstaking detail to resemble a glass version of a human skull. The entire skull was expertly crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass and has colorless, transparent quality to it when empty, which makes it possible to see straight through the glass as if nothing were there.

This decanter holds approximately 250ml of any liquid substance, be it liquor, bourbon, whisky, or drinks for everyone like soda, juice, or water. Then, whenever thirst overtakes you, you can pour yourself a refreshing beverage, straight out of a Glass Crystal Skull. Feel free to perform a sinister laugh while doing so.

So go ahead and enjoy drinks with a whole new style and the 250ml Glass Crystal Skull Decanter!

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